Should I choose a double electric breast pump or single electric breast pump?

Most mommies prefer the double electric breast pump to save time.

How can I increase my milk supply?

One of the ways that can help you produce more milk is by stimulating your breasts and extracting milk through pumping.

Make sure to use a hospital-grade electric breast pump. You can find it under our breast feeding category.

Are all of your plastics BPA-free?

Yes, we never compensate when it comes to quality and safety. Our products are manufactured according to FDA and CE standards and undergo a vicious cycle of testing before delivery.

They’re strictly made from materials free of toxins such as BPA, Paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol.

Where can I find Adult diapers and under pads?

You can find them under our Actisafe brand. 100% water-proof and leak proof with premium comfort.

Are scented diapers safer for babies?

The powder fragrance in our diapers is located in a deeper layer which does not contact the skin in any way.

It is 100% safe and provides maximum comfort.

At what age should I introduce my baby to a pacifier?

We recommend 4-6months at least.

When should I start potty training my child?

There are ways for you to know if they are ready:

1- If your child shows discomfort or cries whenever the diaper is soiled

2- When they stay dry for at least 2 hours

3- When they show interest in using the toilet

Also, make sure they are able to understand and communicate with you.

Last but not least, use a potty training seat (available in our baby care category under baby bath)

How long is the delivery time?

2-5 business days

How does a first time mom know which feeding bottle to buy?

Every baby is different. Some will prefer the Mamilla extra wide neck feeding bottle during the breastfeeding phase as it gives them a natural breast-like feel, while others might prefer the slimmer neck or orthodontic.

You'll have to let them try and choose. This is why at Optimal, we're not limited to just 1 or 2 bottle nipple designs, but all the designs combined for them to choose from.